Excellent article by James Perry

I founded a new tech-startup called Signal Analytics with an old University friend, Fedor Dzjuba of Linnworks. We are building a modern, cloud-based version of OLAP cubes (multi-dimensional data storage and retrieval) using a propriety multi-dimensional database system.

I am taking the lead on the technical side and I am most comfortable with C++ so decided to build our OLAP engine with it. I did originally build a prototype in Rust but it was too high risk (I should write another post to explain more about this decision).

A lot of my peers think it is bizarre that I am building a cloud service with C++ and not with a dynamic language — such as Ruby or Python— that provides high productivity to ship quickly.

It started to question my own judgement to use C++ and I decided to research whether it is good idea or not.

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via Starting a tech startup with C — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium.

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