Nice! Visuino – Sensor of temperature using LM35 and display LCD 1 by Fredy Alvarez with @arduino

This is a brief introduction to the environment of development and visual programming for the platform Arduino, Visuino is a property of Mitov software and I alone take part making tests and some libraries not yet concluded. The example is to realize an analogical lecture in my Arduino Uno of a sensor of temperature LM35 and this analogical information to open it in a display of lcd 16x2 classic with controller HD44780, the whole programming does in Visui...

Programming Hex-code on an Attiny85 with the Arduino

To get a HEX-code in your Attiny85 it is possible to use the Arduino as a programmer, but as you cannot load hexcode  in your IDE, it involves using avrdude. First of all, we need to get the Attiny85 clocked to 8Mhz. Open up your Arduino software and upload the Arduino ISP sketch to your board. Disconnect the board from  your computer and attach the Attiny as shown  here. Also make sure you download and install the Attiny core files as described in that

MicroLink GSM – tiny, Arduino compatible, rapid prototyping

I just backed up this project on KickStarter    What is MicroLink GSM? Tiny self-contained board that can do automation, alerts, cellular data, phone calls, SMS text messages, and more - USB plug & play. Technical information Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller – same as Arduino UNO Latest generation SIM800H module (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) Genuine FTDI USB chip Interrupt pins available An LED is connected to pin D13, same as the Arduino UN

Connect absolutely anything to the Internet with Spark

Everything is getting high-tech — from phones to jewelry. It will not be surprising if, soon enough, we will see high-tech clothes. With the Internet opening tremendous opportunities, people are not shying away from utilizing them to create innovative and unprecedented things. In fact, a whole new category called “Internet of Things” has emerged, where objects are provided with unique identifiers that help them transfer data over a network without the nee...

An I²C Bus powered Arduino IO Expander Board controlled via Bluetooth and Android | Open Electronics

Excellent article. I am working on Home Automation Project so when I came across this article it helped to clarify few things related to the mobile app controls.       An I²C Bus powered Arduino IO Expander Board controlled via Bluetooth and Android | Open Electronics....