Nice! Visuino – Sensor of temperature using LM35 and display LCD 1 by Fredy Alvarez with @arduino

This is a brief introduction to the environment of development and visual programming for the platform Arduino, Visuino is a property of Mitov software and I alone take part making tests and some libraries not yet concluded. The example is to realize an analogical lecture in my Arduino Uno of a sensor of temperature LM35 and this analogical information to open it in a display of lcd 16x2 classic with controller HD44780, the whole programming does in Visui...

MicroLink GSM – tiny, Arduino compatible, rapid prototyping

I just backed up this project on KickStarter    What is MicroLink GSM? Tiny self-contained board that can do automation, alerts, cellular data, phone calls, SMS text messages, and more - USB plug & play. Technical information Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller – same as Arduino UNO Latest generation SIM800H module (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) Genuine FTDI USB chip Interrupt pins available An LED is connected to pin D13, same as the Arduino UN

How to avoid installing bundleware with the help of Unchecky

Installing third-party programs isn't the minefield it was during the good old days of Windows XP. But every now and then, some desktop apps still try to sneak annoying tool-bars and other software past you during installation. Known as bundle-ware, the options to not install these additional programs can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. That’s where a utility called Unchecky can come in handy, by watching over third-party installations so

Do Not Install XP Patches For Embedded XP

By now, you probably know about the registry hack trick to get updates for Windows XP. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but that's a really bad idea, one you should not do, and both Microsoft and at least one security firm are saying not to do it. Initially, I thought they were enabling XP to use Windows 7 updates, which wouldn't be that far-fetched. XP and 7 have considerable overlap and common code. But I learned these are not Windows 7 patches, they a