XIAOMI MI-3 – how to hard reset my phone

Hard Reset XIAOMI MI-3 At the very beginning hold down the Power button to switch off the device. Afterwards press and hold the Volume Up + Power button for a couple of seconds. When the Mi Logo appears  on your screen release only the Power key. Keep holding the Volume Up key until the Recovery Mode appears. In this step select English using Volume keys to browse and Power rocker to select. Then select "wipe data/factory reset" by using Volume Down

This Facebook Hack Allows You to Track Your Friends On Map

thehackernews.com - by Mohit Kumar Remember the magical Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter books that reveal the whereabouts of characters as they roam classrooms and the halls of Hogwarts school? A student developer from Cambridge has created a Chrome extension that works similar and also named it Marauder’s Map.The extension that allows you to watch every footstep of your Facebook friends by grabbing location data from Facebook Messenger and rap...


A free Android smartphone tool (Routercheck) analyses the safety of your router. Is your Wi-Fi router hacker bait? By Preston Gralla Your router can have plenty of vulnerabilities. Your password may be insecure. You may be using a too-weak encryption standard. It may have open ports through which hackers can slither. Services that may be dangerous, such as Universal Plug and Play (uPnP), may be turned on. The free Android app Router Check looks for all th

Snap-on Seek Thermal Camera

Snap-on Seek Thermal Camera
The Seek Thermal camera is an impressive little piece of hardware. According to the company, the Android-compatible version of the camera comes equipped with the following: • True thermal sensor • Long wave infrared: 7.2-13 microns • Vanadium oxide micro bolometer • 12 μm pixel pitch • 206 x 156 resolution array, which equals 32k thermal pixels • Custom chalcogenide lens with 36 degree field of view • Durable magnesium housing4 • Detection from -40C to +33

Double your One Drive Storage

Double your One Drive Storage
All you have to do is sign up for OneDrive and activate the auto upload feature for your camera roll sometime between now and the end of September, and you will get 30 GB of free OneDrive storage moving forward (15 GB base and 15 GB camera roll bonus).   If you haven't created the One Drive account please click the link below to do it. The promotion only runs till the end of September so please hurry.   https://onedrive.live.com/?invref=b8d86

An I²C Bus powered Arduino IO Expander Board controlled via Bluetooth and Android | Open Electronics

Excellent article. I am working on Home Automation Project so when I came across this article it helped to clarify few things related to the mobile app controls.       An I²C Bus powered Arduino IO Expander Board controlled via Bluetooth and Android | Open Electronics....