by The Windows Club When it comes to the Internet, there is nothing called 100% security. One of the best method to keep Hackers out of your computer, would be to turn off Javascript and Flash as these two are widely used to inject malicious scripts into your system. But that may be impractical for some, as the Internet relies on Javascript and Flash for quite a few features or functions – from logging in to websites, to browsing, serving search function


LAPTOP ACER BIOS PASSWORD CLEANER Hi friends! After 5 years my laptop acer aspire 5044 NWLCI have problem with bios password, now i was found the solution! I just found the dos program for acer product call "clnpwd". Very easy to use this trouble shoot. Actually i already try another solution such as reset cmos using jumper, unplug cmos battery, using hiren boot and etc. But all the solution failed. Please refer to below step : (You need standby 1 USB S

Two-Factor Authentication

I am a strong proponent of two-factor authentication but the worrying thing is the way it's being advertised or pushed as a holy grail of security. The weakest link is still the person using the service/device and if they continued to use weak passwords then it just become the matter of loosing your token device or mobile. When enabling two-factor authentication users still must advised to setup secure passwords with at-least 10 digit length containing Alp

Make Passwords Strong And Long

Please create and use long passwords with a minimum length of 10 characters or more. A simple rule is to use long phrases and then take 1-2 beginning letters of each word and join them to create a password. This way you just need to remember the phrase but not the password itself which is much easier. Here is an example phrase and shortened password in result of the phrase. Phrase : "I was born in Johor Bahru on 1st January 1980" Password : "IwbiJBo1...