New year and same old me or maybe not

Most of us make resolutions for the new year and hope everything will change magically in this year but as the days pass on so does the enthusiasm and the new resolutions are left behind to solve the old issues first from the previous year. The same story is repeated for most of us year on year.

The problem is that we try to set unrealistic aims and goals, even though it’s OK to set your aim/ goal high but also must realize that we can only reach there with smaller steps and achievements. A lot of people tend to give up when they set the target too high and realize they are not getting close to it.

The idea is to set the bigger target and then divide it into smaller steps and try to achieve those gradually e.g. set a goal to loose 10 kg in 6 months but mini goals of 1-2 kg a month and then when you work your way to the monthly goal and achieving it will boost your moral and keep you going for the next step and finally achieve your main/ bigger goal.

Happy New Year

13 Productivity Hacks to Help You Get Stuff Done

Came across this excellent article by Jonathan Long

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all experienced it at some point — that moment in the day where you are sitting at your desk and have lost all focus. You grab your phone and check out social media, reply to some text messages and surf your favorite websites. You have a mile long list of tasks to get done but you can’t seem to focus on them.

Here are 13 hacks to help increase your productivity:

1. Exercise first thing in the morning.


2. Tackle your least desirable tasks first.


3. Empower your employees.


4. Quit social media.


5. Immediately knock out simple tasks as they come in.


6. Get out of your office.


7. Use technology and make tasks simple.


8. Fuel the machine.


9. Disconnect from technology during crunch time.


10. Unclog your email.


11. Keep one day off limits each week.


12. Work Sunday evening.


13. Automate and systemize everything.


To read the full article please click the link below.

Father’s day 2014

My wife and kids prepared for me a special father’s day cake and beautiful card to go along. All I can say is that being a father is a blessing and a privilege. I feel that many married couples delay having a child with reasons like financial stability or just to enjoy more fun time but I can assure that the joy and satisfaction a child bring into your life cannot be substituted with any amount of partying, fun time or money. And my prayers for those who are trying but yet to be successful in having a child. WP_20140613_22_59_44_Pro (1)

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