Chrome Browser Crashes On Startup After Last Update 45.0.2454

Chrome Browser Crashes On Startup After Last Update 45.0.2454
It just happened at our company, 2 of the PCs including mine. After much troubleshooting and reading online forums I found out the culprit to be Comodo Internet Security, specifically one of its component HIPS. Here is the solution to this which I found out and personally applied on both my systems and Google Chrome is working now. To solve the problem follow this steps: 1- Open the COMODO; 2- Click on HIPS; 3- In “HIPS Settings” the last option “Detect s

Stop Worrying and Start Living

These are the excerpts from one of my favorite book by Dale Carnegie RULE 1: If you want to avoid worry, do what Sir William Osier did: Live in "day-tight compartments". Don't stew about the future. Just live each day until bedtime. RULE 2: The next time Trouble-with a capital T- comes gunning for you and backs you up in a corner, try the magic formula of Willis H. Carrier: a. Ask yourself, "What is the worst that can possibly happen if I can't solve my

Activate the Facebook See First Feature

Activate the Facebook See First Feature
By Dave Taylor The Question: I never want to miss a Facebook post from my husband, whether I check five minutes or two days later. I heard that there’s a “see first” feature now for setting someone as important in my Facebook news feed? Good! How do I use it? Dave’s Answer: Facebook hasn’t been super transparent about exactly how its new See First feature works in your news feed, but it is clearly something intended to help you identify those people you’

Use Windows 7 Event Viewer to track down issues that cause slower boot times

Greg Shultz shows you how to use some of the new features in Windows 7's Event Viewer to investigate a slow boot time. Overview Windows 7's Event Viewer includes a new category of event logs called Applications and Services Logs, which includes a whole host of subcategories that track key elements of the operating system. The majority of these subcategories contain an event log type called Operational that is designed to track events that can be used for...

Code Purple — The Compaq/HP Booby Trap

I did a full restore, reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows Vista on a HP system. Everything went like clockwork… Until I rebooted the machine. Then I got an error that there was a “Configuration error” and that I should call “Customer Care” with “Error Code Purple.” T that point, I could only power off the machine. What in the world was “Error Code Purple,” I wondered. A quick search on the net revealed that this was a booby trap placed i

What is the origin of the phrase “thinking outside of the box”?

What is the origin of the phrase “thinking outside of the box”?
There is a famous puzzle. 9 dots arranged in a square, like this Your job is to connect all of the dots using only 4 straight lines without lifting your hand off the paper, crossing each dot only once. The only way to do it is to extend at least one of the lines beyond the perimeter of the "box". This solution never occurs to most people. They see a box, and their thinking is limited by that. Click below to check out the book by Mike Vance. ...

Typing ‘ﷺ’ in MS Word and MS Office Documents

To type ﷺ in MS Word or any MS office Document: (1) Type FDFA. (2) Type ‘Alt+x’. (Hold on to ‘Alt’ key and press ‘x’ key.) As soon as you type ‘Alt+x”, ‘FDFA’ is converted to ﷺ Unicode for ‘ﷺ’ is ‘FDFA’. Below table gives Unicode Values of common Arabic Words/Phrases: Arabic Phrase/Word English Transliteration Unicode ﷲ Allah FDF2 ﷺ Sall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam FDFA ﷴ Mohammed FDF4 ﷳ Akbar FDF3 ﷶ Rasool FDF6 ﷻ Jallajalaalahu FDFB ﷹ Sa

Create a Secret Hiding Space in Windows

How to create a secret hiding space for your data within Windows. by The Windows Club The Windows operating system offers many tweaks and tricks. If you are aware of these, then you can complete your tasks quickly and in a simple way. You may never need to use any third-party software, if you are good at using those tricks. Among those many tweaks available, I will let you know, how to hide data in a secret text file compartment, created using a Notepad i...

Error deleting – File name is too long

I am almost positive you have run into this error before. Recently I have had 1000s of files like this. Where did they come from? Both times it was a hidden cache folder for DropBox and AeroFS. I had been playing with both to see if I wanted to use them to sync my files. Well, I found a simple way to blow these away in one shot, and you can use a tool within windows to do it. It seems that robocopy can handle these long file names. What you do is you ...