Avast SafePrice – how to remove that flippin’ pest!


This is exactly what I felt when I found out about #Avast installing #adware.


Anybody who knows me will also know that I am a great fan of both Mozilla Firefox and Avast, the anti-virus people. The latter’s software (the basic anti-virus protection) is free for personal use and all you have to do is register the product to get one of the finest, most effective and efficient anti-virus products available to computer users. I rate it way above the bloatware from companies like #Symantec and #McAfee and other such corporate AV structures. I also rate it higher than products like #AVG who like to infect your browser with their toolbar and other such spam-ware.


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 Avast SafePrice – how to remove that flippin’ pest! | I’ve Lost My Internet!.