Chrome Browser Crashes On Startup After Last Update 45.0.2454

It just happened at our company, 2 of the PCs including mine. After much troubleshooting and reading online forums I found out the culprit to be Comodo Internet Security, specifically one of its component HIPS.

Here is the solution to this which I found out and personally applied on both my systems and Google Chrome is working now.

To solve the problem follow this steps:

1- Open the COMODO;
2– Click on HIPS;
3– In “HIPS Settings” the last option “Detect shellcode injection” click on “Exclusions”;
4- Click the right mouse button and click on “ADD”> “Files” and goto “C: Program Files (x86) Google Chrome Application ” select “chrome.exe” and click on “Open”;
5- Click on “OK”;
6- Close COMODO and run Chrome.