Ape tu harddisk ??

Harddisk …??

Ape tu harddisk ??

hardisk_maxtor serial ata

Maksud : 

  • Hardisk adalah tempat penyimpanan data dan dokumen.
  • Tempat System OS serta aplikasi program di install.
  •  Hardisk dapat menyimpan Memory,iaitu memory permanen, karena data dan dokumen yang tersimpan tidak akan hilang setelah komputer di matikan atau di offkan.

Stop Worrying and Start Living

These are the excerpts from one of my favorite book by Dale Carnegie

RULE 1: If you want to avoid worry, do what Sir William Osier did: Live in “day-tight compartments”. Don’t stew about the future. Just live each day until bedtime.

RULE 2: The next time Trouble-with a capital T- comes gunning for you and backs you up in a corner, try the magic formula of Willis H. Carrier:

a. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can possibly happen if I can’t solve my problem?”

b. Prepare yourself mentally to accept the worst-if necessary.

c. Then calmly try to improve upon the worst-which you have already mentally • agreed to accept.

RULE 3: Remind yourself of the exorbitant price you can pay for worry in terms of your health. “Business men who do not know how to fight worry die young.”

What is the origin of the phrase “thinking outside of the box”?

There is a famous puzzle. 9 dots arranged in a square, like this

Your job is to connect all of the dots using only 4 straight lines without lifting your hand off the paper, crossing each dot only once. The only way to do it is to extend at least one of the lines beyond the perimeter of the “box”.

This solution never occurs to most people. They see a box, and their thinking is limited by that.

Click below to check out the book by Mike Vance.