Minibuilders – printing big 3d structures with small robots


Minibuilders is a family of three robots, each robot linked to sensors and local positioning system. These feed live data into custom software allowing control over the robots movement and deposition of material, an fast setting artificial marble.

Current research focuses on 3D printing for the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). Which means that three dimensional objects may be produced by depositing repeated layers of solidifying material until the shape is formed. Material adheres to the previous layer with an adequate bond upon solidification, may be utilized.

The positioning device, the small robots all equipped with the print-head nozzle, move in a predefined path depositing material in layers. Each layer base is defined by the previous layer, and each layer thickness is defined and closely controlled by the height at which the tip of the print-head is positioned in relation to the previous layer. Controller, material supply and power sources are connected externally.


There’s a natural path for the education of a maker that takes place within the techshops and makerspaces. It begins in the world of tools you may already know, like handheld tools or power tools, and quickly creeps into an unknown world of machines suited to bring any desire to fruition. At first, taking any classes may seem like a huge investment, but the payback you receive from the knowledge is priceless.


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