Stop Skype Automatically Starting Up on Windows 10 Boot?

Whether you’re on a Windows system or a Macintosh, there’s little more frustrating than the parade of apps that seem to start up every time you boot your computer. Worse, many of them are hidden behind-the-scenes, little “helper apps” that enable certain functions, listen for incoming queries, etc. For some, it’s almost impossible to figure out what they do and some of those might well be malware of some sort of another. It stinks!

Even benign programs like Skype, a very helpful video chat application, can exhibit the same sort of behaviors, starting up even if you don’t have an account and sitting on the Taskbar on your new Windows 10 system even if you never want to use the program. Any one program likely doesn’t have that much impact on your performance, but when you get 4, 5 or more starting up automatically, that’s going to have an impact on how your computer works.

Let’s just focus on your specific complaint, however. Skype automatically starting up on Microsoft Windows 10.


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Activate the Facebook See First Feature

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I never want to miss a Facebook post from my husband, whether I check five minutes or two days later. I heard that there’s a “see first” feature now for setting someone as important in my Facebook news feed? Good! How do I use it?

Dave’s Answer:
Facebook hasn’t been super transparent about exactly how its new See First feature works in your news feed, but it is clearly something intended to help you identify those people you’re friends with on Facebook who are really important and whose status updates you do believe are higher priority – or just more important – than the rest of your friends. Makes sense to me. For me, it’s my family that rank the highest: I never want to miss any posts from my sister or my children, whether we’re logged on at the same time or whether they’re long gone by the time I check.

The buzz is that Facebook is “rolling out” this feature, but if you do have it enabled, it turns out you can set See First priority for your friends on either your mobile smartphone or through the Web interface. Handy, really!

I’ll demonstrate by showing you the Web-based interface, but then I’ll also show a handy iPhone Facebook app shortcut too.

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