Activate the Facebook See First Feature

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I never want to miss a Facebook post from my husband, whether I check five minutes or two days later. I heard that there’s a “see first” feature now for setting someone as important in my Facebook news feed? Good! How do I use it?

Dave’s Answer:
Facebook hasn’t been super transparent about exactly how its new See First feature works in your news feed, but it is clearly something intended to help you identify those people you’re friends with on Facebook who are really important and whose status updates you do believe are higher priority – or just more important – than the rest of your friends. Makes sense to me. For me, it’s my family that rank the highest: I never want to miss any posts from my sister or my children, whether we’re logged on at the same time or whether they’re long gone by the time I check.

The buzz is that Facebook is “rolling out” this feature, but if you do have it enabled, it turns out you can set See First priority for your friends on either your mobile smartphone or through the Web interface. Handy, really!

I’ll demonstrate by showing you the Web-based interface, but then I’ll also show a handy iPhone Facebook app shortcut too.

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This Facebook Hack Allows You to Track Your Friends On Map

Remember the magical Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter books that reveal the whereabouts of characters as they roam classrooms and the halls of Hogwarts school?

A student developer from Cambridge has created a Chrome extension that works similar and also named it Marauder’s Map.The extension that allows you to watch every footstep of your Facebook friends by grabbing location data from Facebook Messenger and rapidly plotting your friends’ locations on a map.

We all are aware that Facebook shares our location data with our friends, however, what we probably aren’t aware of the accuracy of that data and easiness of extracting that data from the messaging service.

LOCATION SHARING AND MAPPING…Facebook usually encourages Messenger users to share their location by enabling location sharing by default when users install iOS or Android app.

Software developer Aran Khanna’s extension dubbed Marauder’s Map, loads the map in Messenger’s Web interface and fetches the data from…(continued)