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When it comes to the Internet, there is nothing called 100% security. One of the best method to keep Hackers out of your computer, would be to turn off Javascript and Flash as these two are widely used to inject malicious scripts into your system.

But that may be impractical for some, as the Internet relies on Javascript and Flash for quite a few features or functions – from logging in to websites, to browsing, serving search functions and more. Turn off Javascript and you will find that you cannot do much on the Internet. So how do we keep hackers away? Here are some tips to prevent hacking without having to restrict yourself by turning off Javascript and Flash.

Apart from following the basic steps like keeping your Windows operating system and software up-to-date, keeping your Firewall turned on, using a good antivirus software or a Intenet Security Suite, here are a few precautions you should follow.

Turn off JavaScript and Flash
If you can disable JavaScript and / or Flash, good! It will make your system more secure. There is also a Group Policy setting to disable Java.

Use a strong password for user and online accounts
Easy passwords make it easier for anyone to log into your account and take it over. In most cases, the hackers will change the password after taking over your machine so that you cannot log in. What happens afterwards to reclaim the machine is a tedious process. It is always recommended to use strong passwords, that contain alphanumeric characters and also include special characters.

You can force it on the Windows users to harden the login password policy and create a strong password. You can also make it possible that the account is locked down after three attempts. Read our article on restricting login attempts.

For online accounts, I will recommend using a password manager software such as LastPass that generates secure passwords and stores them safely so that you can use them without having to remember each. Further, it is better to have different passwords for different sites so that if one account is compromised, others are still safe. The first among all tips to prevent hacking is to use a strong password.

Remove crapware
You never know what kind of programs are installed on your computer when you buy a new one. Lenovo presented a good example by installing Superfish that made it possible for cybercriminals to initiate Man in the Middle Attacks. A new computer comes with plenty of software that you won’t ever need. The first step after getting a new computer is to remove all crapware and the programs that you won’t need. There are certain third-party crapware removal tools that let you decide what programs to keep and automate the removal of crapware. You can use any such program or you can remove unwanted programs and toolbars manually. The manual method is safer though it takes some perspiration on your part. If you see a program that you can’t understand, it is better to consult someone and then remove it.

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Connect absolutely anything to the Internet with Spark


Everything is getting high-tech — from phones to jewelry. It will not be surprising if, soon enough, we will see high-tech clothes. With the Internet opening tremendous opportunities, people are not shying away from utilizing them to create innovative and unprecedented things. In fact, a whole new category called “Internet of Things” has emerged, where objects are provided with unique identifiers that help them transfer data over a network without the need of a computer.

In an attempt to bring Internet of Things closer to people, a tiny board called Spark Core has come into the market.

The Spark Core with Chip Antenna is a very small WiFi development board that makes it very easy for everyone to create hardware that is connected to the Internet. In fact, the tiny chip is all you will need. Just power it up with the help of a USB connection or a battery, and you will be able to control LEDs, motors, and switches in addition to being able to collect data from its various sensors over the internet.


This core has an on-board controller that is actually a small, low-cost, and low-power computer that has the capability of running a single application. This micro-controller is the one that runs the show. In fact, it runs your software and tells the rest of the core what to do. This tiny little thing does not have an operating system like your computer and just runs a single application (that is also known as firmware or an embedded application). This application can very simple — made up of only a few lines of code — or extremely complex, depending on what you want to do with it.

The first and foremost goal of Spark’s creation is its ease of use. In fact, you can start off without any experience in using hardware or software.

If you are familiar with Arduino, you will love this chip. The core uses the same wiring and programming language as Arduino. It also has an accessory called Shield that helps you connect it to any standard Arduino shield.

The hardware design files — board design, schematic, and bill of materials — are open source as is the firmware. This makes it very user-friendly.

For more information check out their website.


Twenty two advantages of blogging for inspiration

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This article points out twenty two advantages of blogging. If you go through this post you may find that many of these benefits are enjoyed by you while having a blog. I can assume that this post is going to encourage many bloggers especially new ones who are looking for some motivation. This blog may serve to inspire those who are undecided as to whether they should continue with their blogging for various reasons of their own. I suggest it is a good idea for you to re-blog this post so that you can have the list of things accessible for you at anytime you want. Reading this post may motivate you whenever you read it and may make you feel that you should not stop blogging but continue with renewed zest.So here is the list of twenty two advantages of blogging…..


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Twenty two advantages of blogging for inspiration.